Living Stone Academy is located in Centreville, VA near Washington, D.C. Living Stone Academy has served the Northern Virginia community for over 12 years supporting

college prep students, and their families.

 1. Living Stone is a College Preparatory Academy. 

Living Stone Academy is focused on children's college preparation. Our
director is from Seoul, South Korea where high quality education is
well known world wide. We have the most in-depth knowledge on SAT with the best "know-hows" nation wide.

2. Strong Partnership with Parents and Students

As soon as you enter the academy, you are treated with care. Living
Stone educates both the student, and the parent. Parents are a big part
of the college prep student's life, therefore we work closely with the
parents to help prepare their son or daughter for college.

3. High Satisfaciton with Score Improvement

In 2013, more than half of the class improved by 400 and above on
their SAT score. The most improved score was 810. On average, students who enrolled for more than a 5-week course improved by 250, and above.

4. Learning from the Teachers in a SAT
Practice Setting

At Living Stone Academy, there are two separate preparation parts for
SAT. First, students learn from the SAT lecture materials produced by
our qualified, and screened teachers. Then, the students take practice
SAT tests in a practice setting. We have the most resources, and
"know-hows" to prepare for the SAT.

5. We Maximize Study Days

For 10 weeks, we offer students Summer SAT programs that start
immediately after the Fairfax County Public School year ends. This
means that students who want to have as many weeks to study before the new school year begins, can study with Living Stone Academy.

6. More than a Preparatory Academy

Living Stone has mentoring, and coaching experts that can change
students' future, and their families in a very positive way. We only
recommend programs that are beneficial for the students. For any students who did not enroll or had to quit the academy can also take the advantage of information such as, free College essay seminar, parents' seminar, College consultation, and etc.