Grace Jung

Circumlocution. Invective. Rapport. Quotidian. These were only a few of the hundreds of vocabulary words that I learned at Livingstone Academy. Having attended Livingstone since I was young, I've seen improvements and augmentations in not only the academy's growth and success, but also those of my own. Indeed, spending my summers in a building located in the middle of Grand Plaza may not seem ideal; however, it was truly a grateful experience. I was able to meet students from all over the east coast as well as students from own high school who I have not had a chance to meet.


Although the workload and long hours of classes were not benign at first, its results have proved to be worth it! The days right before the legitimate SATs, I simply looked over the advice and notes I had taken at Livingstone from various teachers and felt confident. One of the things I hated and loved at the same time was the weekly practice SATs. Yes, I hated waking up at 7:30AM to take a 4 hour long test, but I loved being able to practice and get comfortable with the test and its procedures.


Also, Livingstone Academy does not only help with the SATs, but also different areas of academics. There were numerous times when Mrs. Park helped me choose my classes in high school to make an impression on my transcript yet not die from the amount of stress. I am absolutely thankful to have had someone to motivate and encourage me, yet look realistically at the big picture throughout my high school years. Thank you Livingstone Academy! 

Kevin Shin

I must admit: Living Stone SAT Academy is not for everyone. 30+ hours of SAT a week is not something for anyone to be messing around with. However, throughout my stay, I figured out a formula that is sure to work. A profound support from the parents and the willingness of the student must fuse together in order to bring maximum results. Coming from Richmond, my mission was clear. I was to bring my 1850 SAT score above 2000+. I could not let the money spent on me go wasted, results were necessary. I was willing to listen in class, to do everything asked of and more, to put that extra effort in.


The first few weeks did not bring many good results. My scores didn’t jump significantly, but I stuck through it. I realized studying for the SAT was a marathon, not a sprint. The support from my home was very encouraging indeed. I heard no fuss of how my scores were not going up but rather just kept getting support and confidence seeded in me. I started gaining confidence in myself such confidence ultimately brought results. I was consistently hitting over 2000 and I knew then, all the work had paid off.


I ended up with an official score of 2270. I was and still am very content with the score and knew that my efforts did not go wasted. I realized one does not need to be a genius to earn a high SAT score. One just needs to put the effort in and follow the lead of the Living Stone SAT Academy. Living Stone does various great things. The academy is very keen in bringing in of their instructors. They are watchful of the teachers’ treatment of the students, the interaction between the teacher and the students, and the teaching styles of the teachers. One very important thing about Living Stone is that the academy cares about the student as much as the parent does. The academy wants to see the student successful and will do anything in order to make that happen. Living Stone only wants what the parents want: the best for the children.


Living Stone has not only helped me in my scores, but in my studies as well. I have realized the results I could gain from hard work and persistent chasing of my goals. I became confident in my abilities. I was ready to go out and compete with the students in my community. I was ready to become a successful student in our society after the SAT summer program of Living Stone Academy.