This program was uniquely designed to benefit students seeking the ability to interpret and think critically about a given text.


Scholars provide students with the opportunity to discuss a piece of literature in great depth and cover topics that may not be addressed in a regular school curriculum.  Students are gathered in small groups to participate in guided lectures and activities that help promote a level of independent and creative learning.


At Living Stone Academy, we encourage students to ask tough questions, formulate their own ideas, and interact with fellow classmates to create a dynamic study environment.  Discussions are generated by how students respond to the reading and interpretation of any text, which include analyzing characters and events, or relating to the author or story through their personal experiences. 


Scholarsoffer a distinct advantage over traditional reading programs since they emphasize group discussion and social interaction among students who would otherwise struggle with a solitary reading of the text.  By placing students in close, intimate teams, they are able to receive the time, attention, and focus required for a thorough investigation of the reading.