Special Programs

Living Stone Academy specialty programs are designed to develop the interest and ability of students who are preparing for college, at the same time enhance the academic discipline, through a step-by-step college application process, concentrated studying habits, and strong critical thinking skills.


Not only university entrance examination is important but an essay is another powerful tool to influence admissions when students apply to their dream universities. Unfortunately, lots of applicants disregard the importance of essays when sending out applications. It is still not an easy process to put all the important aspects to only three paragraph essay even for students who know the importance of an essay. That is why the applicants need expert’s help when writing personal essays.

Living Stone Academy’s C-CAS program provides complete process from beginning to end of an application. Steps include, selecting the right universities, writing essays emphasizing applicants’ strength while supplementing weakness, and submit them in time.

    Study Habit Improvement Program (S.H.I.P) G.P.A Improvement

S.H.I.P will help students who are having hard time studying alone, focusing on studying, finishing homework in time, and not knowing how to approach the problem.